BankrollShell The Pursuit of Success

If you’re looking to be very well treated by other people, then you want to treat everyone extremely well. This is the philosophy my parents always taught me, and the truth is that it works very well. I’ve always thought that if you want to reach success, then you constantly need to pursue it and work as hard as possible. I did that from an early age, and always tried to stand up to any bullying that happened either in my case or whenever other people were bullied.

I don’t believe that violence is the solution, instead talking with other people, respecting them and letting them understand that what they are doing is wrong can help stop any problems. I had many situations during my childhood when I helped kids stay away from bullies, and that’s something that shaped my life and my musical approach. I am a firm believer that standing up for others and helping them even in the most dire moments can indeed make a difference. Obviously this will not be a walk in the park, but it will help remove issues and really focus on the things that matter. That’s the right attitude and it works extremely well.

All those situations from an early age managed to help me empower myself, commit to the idea of growing and always standing up for those that are in dire need of assistance. My focus now is to use this type of attitude and bring in a breath of fresh air in the world of hip hop. It’s definitely an interesting approach and one of those things that really help push the boundaries in a unique way.

I want to bring in the positive spark that will help this industry expand and reach amazing results in the long term. I am a firm believer that everything is possible and if you commit to it, nothing will be able to stand in your way.

“Better Off” is a new piece of music I created to spread my beliefs and also pay homage to my close friend Boog. Unfortunately, his life was cut short a little while ago, and I wanted to pay him the homage and respect that he deserves. I know that despite anything that’s happening, Boog is there watching over us and wishing us the best things in life.

This music video that I just released gives an opportunity to share that idea of moving forward, appreciating the amazing things we have in life and also paying homage to the past and all those people that are not here anymore.

It’s also important for me to help those people that lost someone recently and show them that I am here to help, I understand what they are dealing with, and I know that with the right approach and solutions, they can achieve amazing results. It’s all a matter of perspective and fully focusing on success as much as possible. That’s what matters the most, after all. I encourage you to listen to my new song and watch the video, I am sure it will help you bring in front that mindset of moving forward and never giving up!

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